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Green Economy: Prosperity through change

The effects of climate change alter the way economies must function in order to survive: Enter the green economy.

Green economy is often preceded by green growth; an economic response to rises in population, environmental degradation, rampant poverty and other variables that necessitate change. Green economy has evolved from green growth by answering the changing needs of humanity and the planet.

A city will never reach a sustainable future without greening its economy - the way it produces, transports and consumes. Green economy generates and uses goods and services that support citizens’ health and urban sustainability such as local renewable energy; locally produced organic food; nature, soil and freshwater conservation; water and materials recycling; and environmental damage measurement and mitigation.

Local governments apply and benefit from green economic principles in many ways. New jobs are created, old jobs are revamped, investment opportunities arise in the construction industry and resource scarcity becomes manageable. It's the perfect marriage of problem-solving and economic savvy.