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Future of cities

Conditions of the future will hinge on how well we have respected the earth’s carrying capacity and responded to environmental change. We must therefore ensure efficient use of and equal access to the earth’s resources in the present if we expect to build a sustainable future for the next generations. Cities are, and will continue to be, the epicenters of resource distribution and climate change control. The state of cities will also determine most people’s quality of life. This is why local governments must invest in solutions that plan for and adjust to the conditions anticipated for the year 2050.

The four congress themes, which will form the core of presentations and debate, represent the most critical issues facing cities:


Changing climate, changing cities

This is what we know: Climate change means cities of the future will face vastly different challenges than those faced by cities of the past.

The era of climate change is already putting urban life at risk through rising sea levels and floods, more frequent and ferocious weather events and higher temperatures leading to the spread of disease. Economic uncertainty and concerns over the sources and cost of energy compound the situation.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of humanity is forecast to be living in urban centres by 2050.

Climate change must be countered with a fundamental shift in the way we understand cities. The Future of Cities congress in Incheon, Korea, will build momentum behind this shift.

Natural resources and urban infrastructures will not be able to sustain increasing urban populations unless rapidly-growing cities of the 21st Century readjust their relationship with the natural environment – and fast.

Representatives from progressive cities, international organizations and the scientific community will share their knowledge over three days. Attendees will get to know factors that make cities and urban livelihoods sustainable and the goals that large, expanding cities should aspire to achieve.

Eco-efficiency, resilience, green economy and happiness: These themes will form the core of presentations and debates during Future of Cities. Participants will be challenged to conceptualize these themes in new ways, to dig deeper for creative and pragmatic solutions to the urban implications of climate change.

Eco-efficiency, resilience, green economy and happiness: Why do these themes matter?